Friday, 1 February 2008


There are so many recipes for Pesto. Finally I made up my own recipe. Therefore the information given is quite rough, so don’t forget to taste! :-)

Ingredients (serves 4):
Leaves of two big pots of Basil (~60g)
50g Pecorino
60g pine nuts
1 clove of garlic
~ 150 ml high quality olive oil
Salt & Pepper

To begin with you pound the pine nuts in a pestle until you gain a fine mass. Put it aside. Grate the cheese and as well put it aside.

Wash the basil leaves, dry it carefully and pound them in the pestle until you get a mass. Now chop the Garlic very fine and give all ingredients into the pestle. Mix them well and do not forget to taste.

The Pesto is perfect with e.g. Gnocchis.

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