Sunday, 25 May 2008

Rhubarb cake, Sun & Strawberries

Its getting hotter outside, refreshing strawberries ripe in the sun and you just want to sit outside, chill and eat some ice cream ... or a piece of cake.

Ingredients (for 1 tray):

1,5 kg Rhubarb
450g Butter
500g Sugar
800g Flour
200g ground almonds
3 Eggs
1 package Vanilla-sugar (8g)
1 package Baking powder (15g)

Wash and peel rhubarb. Cut the ends of and cut into small cubes until you end up with about 1kg.
Sieve and mix 550g flour with the baking powder. Add 250g butter, 3 eggs and 275g sugar. Mix until you gain a smooth mass. Put some parchment paper onto your baking tray and spread the dough on it. Arrange the Rhubarb over it and sprinkle the vanilla sugar on top of it.
Mix all the other ingredients well until you end up with crumbles (Streusel). Spread them over the cake and bake in the oven for 45 min. at 165°C (air circulation).
Serve with or without whipped cream.

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